Release & Renewal
New Year Retreat:
Manifesting Your Soul Intentions
Through Your 6 Wisdom Areas

Live Online January 8, 9 & 10, 2021
1-5 pm Eastern Daily

Dear Friend,

There is one thing we know about you …

You were born with a purpose — and everything you need to make your dream a reality.

But what happens when we have a year like 2020?

A year when we’re forced to question everything we thought we could take for granted. 

It causes us to rethink EVERYTHING. And if you're ready, it opens up sacred space to manifest inspiring NEW ways of being …

Ways that allow us to live in harmony with all of life. And to bring out the best in ourselves — and each other. 

That is our personal mission now as we leave 2020 behind ...

To release what no longer serves us. And to welcome in the empowering new future that is beckoning us right now. 

This is our sacred duty. And our deep pleasure. 

Because together we rise. 

Come Harness the Power of the 6 Wisdom Areas

Through embodiment practices and live storytelling, you’ll renew your connection to your own spirit …

And manifest the authentic future only YOU can fulfill.  

This is the commitment this special time of transformation is calling for. 

Together, we’ll clarify your Soul’s Intentions with your Full Body Presence. 

Then we’ll tune into each of the 6 Wisdom Areas of the body ...

     Connecting with the Inspiration of the Deep Heart …

     The Instinctual Knowing of the Gut …

     The Power and Creativity of the Pelvis ...

     The Steadiness and Clarity of the Bones …

     The Grounded Action of the Feet and Legs …

     The Wise Decision-Making of the Integrated Brain …

With their help and insight, we’ll create our fully Embodied Prayers. 

Then through sacred intention and ceremony, we’ll breathe life into your prayer to manifest your blessing for 2021. 

Finally, we’ll use creative imagination to lay out the practical steps — and the support you need — to manifest your intention in the New Year …

And create a fresh, new future for yourself. 

Give Yourself the Gift of Breath, Soul and Community

Join us as we slow down and tune into the calling of your Soul. 

Through lively discussions, experiential exercises and well-timed creative breaks, you’ll work at a pace designed to keep your fatigue low — and your spirits high. 

Then you’ll release what no longer serves you …

And renew your connection to the True You. 

So 2021 brings you the gifts, the joy and the inspiration you deserve at this precious time. 

“A life-changing tool for life enhancement. This class has been an integral part of my personal and spiritual growth.” — Terri Freed

Meet Your Manifestation Guides

Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D

Creator of Healing From the Core®

Suzanne Scurlock is one of the world’s leading authorities on conscious awareness and its impact on the healing process. 

For more than 30 years she has empowered others with practical tools that enable them to experience joy without burning out. 

She's a sought-after speaker who inspires healthcare providers, coaches, executives, parents, clergy and others to stay relaxed and energized using her life-changing tools that dissolve stress and pain. 

She has also authored two acclaimed books: Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom and Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom.

Joel Ying, MD

Healing From the Core® Instructor

Dr. Joel Ying is a “Physician-Educator-Storyteller” who integrates modern medicine with a wide range of holistic and integrative models of healing.

He believes the most valuable teachings are the ones that teach us about ourselves — body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

And he uses the art of storytelling to impart wisdom in a way that’s entertaining and easy to understand.

Come allow Joel to touch your heart — and unlock the power of your Wisdom areas to guide you on your soul’s path for the coming year.

“This is a training where I acquire a deep embodiment of my goals for this year. Letting go of past patterns and acquiring new habits for attaining my goals. Thank you Suzanne and Joel!” — Dr. Connie Hambrock, Ph.D., CHT

It's Time to Claim Your New Future Now 

This is the 22nd year we've led this special New Year Retreat.

Before now you would have invested $795.00 in tuition. PLUS airfare, hotel and all of your meals.
This year it's only $397 to manifest your Soul's deepest calling. That's it. 

And since the entire retreat is online, you get to do it in from home — in your sweats and fuzzy slippers!

“Release and Renewal filled me with great joy in my heart and mind, body and soul. 

I acknowledged the great love given to me that flows into great rivers of thankful tears — and guides me into a new paradigm to inspire others to find and feel their own power.  

I embrace and embody the gifts of the Spirit, the great healing force of love, unconditionally given and unconditionally received. 

Thank you for awakening my passion and creativity. Expand me! Grow me! Fill me! Overflow me! As I leave the safety of the circle and go out to share the gifts of The Spirit.” — Suzanne Ryan